November Ninth, Twenty Sixteen

reach out women

Please reach out to women today. Make eye contact with strangers on the street, call your friends, talk to your colleagues, check in with the girls in your life who aren’t old enough to vote. The women in my life have called me today sobbing, filled with fear for merely existing as female-bodied people, because our fellow citizens would rather elect a man who admits to — no, boasts about — assaulting women than elect a woman. I have never felt so powerless about the decisions that will no doubt be made about my body and my health. I feel heartsick and vulnerable. And this is only the beginning.

I know we must band together and fight back, but right now I feel capable only of grief — and deep, heartfelt love and concern for the ones I love whose bodies, skins and sexual preferences are under attack in this country. Please be patient with me and with the others in your life who are in mourning, who have not yet found the strength to march.


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