Inauguration Day

Protect your body. Protect your brain. Protect black lives and bodies. Protect queer and trans lives and bodies. Protect the arts. Protect due process. Protect public spaces. Protect public education. Protect federal acts of civil rights. Protect migrants and undocumented residents. Protect labor rights. Protect the right to marry who you want and the right not to marry, to create a family that fits you. Protect women’s bodies and reproductive rights. Protect environmental protection laws. Protect national parks. Protect native lands. Protect your right to affordable health care. Protect your home and the people you love.

But do not do it with guns. Do not do it by building a wall around your home, your community, your country. Do not do it with acts of violence or subjugation. Do not do it with military force. Do not do it with the language of hate and fear. Do not do it by creating laws that limit and regulate and illegalize and deride bodies and lives.

Do it by showing up, by making your voice heard, by listening to the voices that have not been heard before, by holding the hand of a stranger and singing in unison as we walk through every city in America together tomorrow. Call yourself an activist. Call yourself a citizen. Call yourself nothing but your name if you need to. But be there if you can.

This morning as he was sworn in, thunder literally struck over my house. This afternoon, there is a full rainbow stretching across the sky. This is the hope in the dark. This is the glimmer. We have each other.



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